Aims and Scope


Annually, Uganda Martyrs University's School of Postgraduate Studies and Research (SPGSR) produces the Journal of Science and Sustainable Development (JSSD) (ISSN: 2070-1748). The goal of the Journal is to provide a visible outlet for definitive articles that discuss the concept of development from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. Therefore, contributions to the Journal typically link theory to practice whilst spanning over traditional disciplinary boundaries and giving due attention to the role of sustainability in development as well as the dilemmas that characterize some development endeavours, especially in the third world. The Journal gives special preference to conceptual and empirical writing that is relevant to Africa's peculiar development needs whilst integrating pertinent international developments, debates and challenges, because it acknowledges that the questions, issues, theories and policies pertaining to development require in-depth study, analysis and discussion. Therefore, the Journal provides an outlet for examining these questions, issues, theories, and policies in a rigorous and scholarly manner. Accordingly, papers are invited from a wide range of disciplines that reflect different research, theoretical and application perspectives concerning the development of the third world and mankind as a whole. The Journal's editorial policy prefers submissions that synthesize the significance of different disciplinary traditions and geographical experiences in explaining the phenomenon at hand. In addition to rigorous examination of the 'local dimension' of the issues that they expound, therefore, contributions mirror conversance with relevant international perspectives and experiences, thereby situating the debate in a broad discourse that facilitates holistic understanding of the issues at hand. Edited from Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda, the Journal draws on the expertise of a diverse editorial board, as well as a wide range of reviewers in and outside Africa. The Journal is committed to the publication of both experienced and early career researchers so its editorial policy puts overriding attention on helping contributors to reach the level of quality that is deemed fit for publication through ensuring relevant, fair and penetrating reviews as well as timely relay of feedback to contributors.

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JSSD brings together contributions from across the social and natural sciences and related disciplines, including, but not limited to, politics, religion, history, economics, public administration, environment, business management, agriculture, gender, psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, health, law and information science. The series welcomes contributions examining developments at national, regional and continental level. It also publishes occasional special issues that examine important topics in depth. The Editor welcomes proposals for new topics for these issues.



Edited from an African University, JSSD is an international journal that promotes exchange--on issues that relate to development--at an international level.

Peer Review Statement
All research articles in JSSD have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and, subsequently, anonymous refereeing by at least two reviewers.

Open Access Policy

The Journal of Science and Sustainable Development is an Open Access Journal. Abstracts and full texts of all articles published in this journal are freely accessible to everyone immediately after publication.

 Article License

All articles published by the Journal of Science and Sustainable Development are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, and although their new works must also acknowledge you and be non-commercial, they don’t have to license their derivative works on the same terms.

 Article Copyright

Authors of the article retain the copyright of the article.

 What is Open Access?

Quoting from the OASIS website:

"Open Access is the immediate, online, free availability of research outputs without the severe restrictions on use commonly imposed by publisher copyright agreements. It is definitely not vanity publishing or self-publishing, nor about the literature that scholars might normally expect to be paid for, such as books for which they hope to earn royalty payments. It concerns the outputs that scholars normally give away free to be published – peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers and datasets of various kinds."

The three original, formal definitions of Open Access are the Budapest (2002), Bethesda (2003) and Berlin (2003) definitions and they are usually referred to as a consolidated 'BBB definition'.

The Journal of Science and Sustainable Development is an Open Access Journal

Frequency and Subscription

JSSD is published annualy in November. Institutional Annual Subscription Rates are: USD 70 for East Africa ; USD 100 for the rest of Africa ; and USD 130 for all other countries. And Personal Annual Subscription Rates are USD 15 for individuals within East Africa ; USD 20 for individuals from the rest of Africa, and USD 25 for individuals from all other countries. Prices include postage and are subject to change without prior notice.

Editorial Office, Orders, Advertising and Inquiries

Please contact Uganda Martyrs University School of Postgraduate Studies and Research, P. O. Box 5498 Kampala Uganda ; Tel. +256 (0) 393 215789 ; Email Payments should be effected on Account Number 3010300803, Account Name Uganda Martyrs University with Centenary Bank, with mention of “Journal of Science and Sustainable Development”. Readers should note that, although all advertising materials included in the Journal is expected to conform with ethical advertisement standards, incusion of adverts in JSSD does not constitute endorsement of the materials being advertised by the Journal, School of Postgraduate Studies and Research and Uganda Martyrs University.


Uganda Martyrs University and the Editorial Board of JSSD make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in the Journal. However, the University and its agents and licensors make no representations or warranties whatsoever as to the accuracy, completeness or suitability for any purpose of the content and disclaim all such representations and warranties whether express or implied to the maximum extent permitted by law. Any views expressed in JSSD are the views of the authors and are not necessarily the views of the Editor, Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda Martyrs University Research Directorate or their partners. Articles are published on the assumption that they are original and have not been published elsewhere. In the unlikely event that plagiarized articles or materials are published, therefore, those submitting them, rather than the Journal, are to be held to account.


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